There’s nothing to save you from the violence in the world.

My thoughts about Orlando have turned to soup.
It’s sad.
It’s heartbreaking.
But, with tears in our eyes and pain in our hearts if we step back from the horror and violence and think. We live in SUCH a violent world. And this violence is inescapable.
It is bred at home, in schools, churches, mosques, temples and shrines. Grown like fruit in topical places or dry places or really, really cold places. This violence comes from somewhere, and we are not safe anywhere. None of us is.
Not the gays or the lesbians or the trans or the straight, crooked, holy, kind and mean. Not the women or children, or men, rabiis, imams, pastors, priests, teachers, senators, gardeners, farmers or cooks. Not new born babies, or really old people, Not white, pink, pale, male or female. Certainly not black, or brown, or beige. Not Americans. Not Africans.
There is nothing that you are, nothing that you own, nothing that you know and nothing that you don’t-that will protect you from violence.
When we realise this, really, really, honestly, completely realise this-we will STOP giving it names, giving it levels and degrees, giving it heirarchies, that there are types of violence that we can live with, and types that we can’t.
There should be no violence that is okay. Not one insult, not one slap, not one Bible verse, or Quran script that says it is OK to act violently. Not one.
We cannot continue to live our lives as if all that matters is ME. Just me and my oppressions and my suffering. This is about violence-in all it’s manifestations.
And time came when we allowed the discomfort of truth to make us act and react in ways that show that we need to get to the bottom of this for everyone.
2016-I think it’s enough. You have taken so many people from us. The family that had to bury all their three children in one go because of a drunken driver here in Kenya. The tens of Africans that continue to be swallowed by the sea as we flee ‘home’. The bombs. The bullets. The stabbed lovers. The shot ones. Our earth is choke full of dead bodies now.
It’s enough.

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