Be. Live. Love

ImageTo the child with the eyes like mine
The child with the smile like his
The child that came through me and from me
For us
The child that is mine but not mine alone
He is ours
He belongs to the world and the world is his
The child that’s a sign of a future presently lived
And a true freedom, unshackled from birth
Allowed to live, exist, expand,
Allowed to be not like his mother,
Not like his father,
Not like anyone, but himself
The child that asks and answers
The child that knows-he knows
The child that, like all children
Is more than we see, more than what children are
More than just here
To the child that was born today
Thank you-for your life, and your light, and your you
Thank you for your here, for your now, for your yes
To life.



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