About (some very few, annoying) stupid men


I totally agree with you George Carlin and here’s why.

I like to take a stroll sometimes, or a long walk. Sometimes I walk around my neighbourhood, and sometimes I walk around town. When the weather sucks like it did this morning, I take mental strolls inside the interwebs, and see what interesting things I can find. My interweb walk took me to a place that was shocking, then interesting, then hilarious. And no it was not porn. I came across a Facebook group called M.A.W.E, which when sounded out is Kiswahili for stones, but what M.A.W.E really is, is an acronym for an NGO called Men Against Women Empowerment. If their Facebook page is anything to go by, then this group of (supposedly) disempowered men have stones for brains, as the logic of their arguments against women’s empowerment is severely lacking. So this is what M.A.W.E’s Facebook page says they are about:

M.A.W.E is a non profit organisation that is against women empowerment in the society.even the bible qoute that the man is the head of the family so we MAWE are against things that makes men inferior like
1.buttering of men
2.women earning more money

For starters-y’all can’t spell. Maybe you’re inability to spell is what makes the women in your life earn more money than you. It’s hard to take your cause seriously when you can’t spell battering. And just so you know, the ‘buttering’ of men is the reason why we’re here in the first place. We have buttered and coddled you too long and it’s time the tables turned. So technically, if we’re to take your typo’s meaning as literal, you are in fact against your own cause because us feminists too are against the buttering of men. Very much so. I’m against buttering of any kind actually. Even on my toast. Butter is problem. A big one.  Now, please elaborate-women earning more money than who? Than other women? Than men? Than circus animals? Anyone on this side of the fight for gender parity knows that women still earn far less than men in practically every job slot around-right up to management and CEO level. But clearly you, and all your 123 Facebook ‘friends’ feel hard done by the fact that a woman you know is employed and you probably are not. Sorry to wake you from your centuries long slumber, but the earth is no longer flat, the earth rotates on its axis and we now have birth control. Yes, that much has changed. So when you start quoting the Bible as the one infallible truth that gives men superiority over women, I can’t help but feel that this is a group ran by cavemen that just thawed. Welcome to the 21st Century friends, toss your sheepskins and clubs-we have clothes and laws now.

They also say that their mission is to ensure as long equality is there men should always be on top. Again I ask-on top of what? Mt. Kenya? Times Tower? Be specific. Maybe you need to be on top in bed? Makes no sense whatsoever. But then again neither does sexism, chauvinism and a whole load of things that tip the gender scales in favour of men. Even the Bible is apparently on your side, or so you like to say. But then again you only read the Old Testament so that explains your stance on women and our role and place in life. Sigh.

I’m glad that you’re outnumbered. Because 123 men(and possibly women-chauvinism knows no gender) in a country like Kenya (where this rag-tag band of anti-empowerment preachers hail from) is literally a drop in the ocean of forward thinking, progressive minded and not-so-inclined-to-bullshit people. Thank goodness for that. But it still boggles the mind that such people exist-enough to form a Facebook group. Sigh. Oh well. Just another day at the circus of life.


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  1. Now, how had i not read this post earlier?! It’s so awesome I could go buy it ice cream 😀
    Really, the circus that is some men around I normally cant help wonder, do these men have sisters? do they have mothers? what of girlfriends? who are these women in these men’s lives that puts up with that crap!


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